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Modern Movement & Mobility

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There are two ways to join us:

Join our standard Small Group Personal Training program.   Sessions are comprised of up to people and participants get access to dedicated coach led Flexibility/Mobility Training, Stick Mobility and Animal Flow sessions tailored to your need.  Further, you can access all our SGPT Strength and SGPT Strength & Conditioning programs as well as Rowing, Kettlebells and more.  

Access to our Flexibility/Mobility, Stick Mobility and Animal Flow group classes only.


What is Modern Movement & Mobility

Adopting the latest exercise science and evidenced based practices, and reconciling all the conflicting information about correct movement/mobility/flexibility training, this system is focused on assessing the needs and finding what works for the individual versus having a one size fits all approach. 


We see, time and time again, that anyone can develop correct movement, improve mobility/flexibility, get better posture, avoid or mitigate pain and more with the right combination of methods and consistent training.


Move Well  |  Perform Better


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What's Included in SGPT

  • Individualized Program

  • Access to optimal exercises/drills/techniques

  • Access up to 8 additional sessions per week

  • Written reference materials

  • Assessments and benchmarking

  • Over a dozen program templates (based on goals)

  • No prerequisites - tailored to you!


What are the prerequisites for joining this program?


Why Small Group Private Training?


I have chronic pain/some nagging injuries.  Can I still engage in this program?


Can I incorporate this program into my current training regimen?

None.  These programs are for anyone looking to become more mobile and/or be pain free! All exercises in our programs are scalable to individual capabilities.

We often hear people talk about price, but rarely do they discuss this in line with the value received or quality of coaching and programming experienced. SGPT balances price with value.  This approach offers the benefits of tailored programming and coaching from one-to-one private training with the fun/energy of training with others at 1/3 the cost.

We understand everyone is different.  There are a variety of levels within our programs assigned by the results of the program assessments.  If any particular exercise causes pain, we will guide you to modify to an earlier/less intense progression, different movement in lieu or take additional rest as needed.  

Yes, we discuss how and encourage you to include the movements you will learn in this program into your current training routine. We discuss a variety of ways to accommodate busy schedules, avoiding overtraining, and keep you from compromising your other fitness goals to incorporate our programming.

"Ask the coaches to show you the active squat thoracic extension, band hip abductions, Shoulder C.A.R.S, PAILS and RAILS and myriad of spine mobility progressions.  I felt instant benefit, no pain and just freedom in my movements after just one session with these types of exercises!"

James T, Pilot Program Participant

Benefits of integrating Mobility/Movement/Flexibility into your training regimen?


Through combining joint mobilization, passive, active and dynamic activations, form specific drills and stretches, movement flows, we have seen participants improve their:

  • Body alignment

  • Posture

  • Body awareness (proprioception)

  • Functional range of motion (ROM)

  • Strength in that new ROM

  • Flexibility

  • Coordination

  • Balance

  • Joint stability

  • Tissue quality

  • Muscle activation

  • Motor control

  • Athletic performance

  • Reduced risk of injury

  • Recovery from injury

  • Faster recovery after exercise

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