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The Animal Flow system is designed to improve strength, power, flexibility, mobility, and endurance. These semi-private sessions will be delivered in monthly blocks and guide you through progressions appropriate for your skill level to get you to execute movement flows safely and effectively. Over the course of the 4-5 week programs, we will drill new movements and build flows. The coach will curate a number of small stand alone flows in each monthly block and the final session will be executing a larger, full flow made up of some of the smaller flows developed. The flows/instructions will be emailed to you for practice during the week.

These session series are for you if you’d like to try out Animal Flow or refine your existing skillset, increase your bodyweight knowledge, feel better, build endurance, and move more fluidly.

April Workshop

Intro to Animal Flow



Experience the benefits (and fun) of QMT for complete beginners

Valid for one week

Foundations in the principles and techniques of Animal Flow

21 April 9 - 10:30am

"I would highly recommend these sessions for anyone looking to explore correct form, human movement, learn about their body and improve mobility, flexibility and strength in the process"

Anthony B, Workshop Participant

Animal Flow 10



10 Class Pass

Valid for 3 months

Instructor Led Classes

Form Specific Stretches. Technical Drills, Develop Flows

Animal Flow 20



20 Class Pass

Valid for 6 months

Instructor Led Classes

Form Specific Stretches, Technical Drills, Develop Flows

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