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November 2020

30 Day Squat Challenge

End of Month Competition:

100 Deck Squats (Best Time - Target <10 mins) M: 16kg Yellow, F: 12kg Blue  OR


Barbell Back Squat (AMRAP)  M:135lb, F: 95lb Loaded Bar

December 2020 (Saturday 19th)



Handstand & Pullup


Format (Handstand): 

15 attempts, longest free standing time counts


Structure: 30 min warm up session

                     30 mins competition window


Optional (Immediately post handstand competition):


Pull Up challenge:

10 Mins, max total pull ups

*Participating from home via Zoom allowed



Deadlift & Squat



Lifting immediately after the Calisthenics Competition disciplines (for those Calisthenics practitioners that wanted to do the posterior chain/leg centric lifting)



M: 155lb / F: 123lb – Total # Reps in 10 mins 


M: 135lb / F: 103lb – Total # Reps in 10 mins


Total Deadlifts and Squats for those that enter both

January 2021 (Saturday 30th)

Kettlebell Competition

Modified program of events (from International standard 3 forms) and use the 5 minute Time Box for our first competition (with the exception of Deck Squat which will be 10 minutes):

Category 1: One Kettle Bell Alternating Clean and Jerk (Push Press)


Category 2: One Kettlebell Alternating Snatch


Category 3: Deck Squat


Category 4: Triathlon (Cumulative score where Athlete competes in all 3 events)


Kettlebell classes in December/January will all comprise a 30 minute technique training component covering key techniques (Swing, Clean, Snatch, Jerk/Push Press).  Don’t worry, this will certainly constitute a “work out” as we will be using the correct weights.



Turf Challenge on the day:

  1. Run to end and back

  2. Pull 130lb (sled) there and back

  3. Heel-To-Heel Shuffle there and back

  4. Carry 2 x 45lb plates there and back

  5. Push 180lb (sled) there and back

For time.

February 2021 (Saturday 27th)

Indoor Rowing Competition

Category 1: 1000m

Category 2: 500m


Category 3: 100m


Category 4: Triathlon (Cumulative time where Athlete competes in all 3 events)


Fun Event:

500m Mixed-Relay (Dedicated partners/sanitizing protocol to be observed)

Partners change after 250m

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