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Monthly Challenges & Competitions

December 2020 (Saturday 19th)

November 2020

30 Day Squat Challenge

End of Month Competition:

100 Deck Squats (Best Time - Target <10 mins) M: 16kg Yellow, F: 12kg Blue  OR


Barbell Back Squat (AMRAP)  M:135lb, F: 95lb Loaded Bar

December 2020 - Monthly Competition Fun (Saturday 19th)



Handstand & Pullup


Format (Handstand): 

15 attempts, longest free standing time counts


Structure: 45 min warm up session (in our class)

                     15 mins competition window


Optional (Immediately post handstand competition):


Pull Up challenge:

10 Mins, max total pull ups

*Participating from home via Zoom allowed



Deadlift & Squat



Lifting immediately after the Calisthenics Competition disciplines (for those Calisthenics practitioners that wanted to do the posterior chain/leg centric lifting)



M: 155lb / F: 123lb – Total # Reps in 10 mins 


M: 135lb / F: 103lb – Total # Reps in 10 mins


Total Deadlifts and Squats for those that enter both

January 2021 (Saturday 30th)

Kettlebell Competition

Modified program of events (from International standard 3 forms) and use  a

5 minute  instead of 10 minute Time Box for our first competition.  You can enter

1, 2 or all 3 events:

Category 1: Clean and Jerk (Push Press) - a.k.a. Single Arm Long Cycle.

(min. 12Kg Female, 16Kg Male)


Category 2: Snatch (12Kg Female, 16Kg Male)


Category 3: 2.5min Dead Clean (16Kg Female, 20Kg Male) and 2.5min

Deck Squat (12Kg Female, 16Kg Male)

Category 3 activity can be done in any order!


Category 4: Triathlon (Cumulative score where Athlete competes in all 3 events)


Our TWOD Kettlebell classes in January will all comprise a technique (T) training

component covering key techniques (Swing, Clean, Snatch, Jerk/Push Press). 

Don’t worry, this will certainly constitute a “work out” as we will be using the

correct weights.  The rest of those sessions is the Workout of the Day (WOD)


Turf Challenge on the day:

  1. Run to end and back

  2. Pull 130lb (sled) one-way

  3. Heel-To-Heel Shuffle there and back

  4. Pull 130lb (sled) back

  5. Carry 2 x 45lb plates there and back

  6. Push 180lb (sled) there and back

For time.

February 2021 (Saturday 27th)


Indoor Rowing Competition

Category 1: 1000m

Category 2: 500m


Category 3: 100m


Category 4: Triathlon (Lowest Cumulative time where Athlete

competes in all 3 events)


Fun Event:

500m Mixed Doubles Relay (Dedicated partners/sanitizing protocol

to be observed)

Partners change after 250m

Pick your own partner and perhaps train together throughout February.

We will use the Race Projection system so all can see the drama unfold. 

If you've never seen an indoor rowing competition, its quite the spectacle.

Prizes for winners in all categories.


March 2021 (Saturday 27th)

Battle of the Bars 

A series of 4 minute time boxed events.  Athletes can engage

in 1 or more activity.  Band assistance can be used. 

Club champion (male and female) determined by total cumulative

score from all the events (without band assistance).

Event 1: Push Ups 


Event 2: Pull Ups


Event 3: Dips


Event 4: Toes to Bar (Regression, Hanging Knee Raise)

Event 5: Squat

Fun Challenge: Longest Handstand - max 5 attempts.


April 2021 (Saturday 1st May)

Indoor Rowing Competition

Category 1: 500m Sprints

Category 2: Team 1500m Relay 

3 rowers all rowing 500m

Category 3: 2KM in 6 min challenge

8 rowers all rowing 250m

Sign Up for 1, 2 or all 3 categories.

If you've never seen an indoor rowing competition, its quite the spectacle.

Weather permitting, events can be outdoors.