Conquering Covid19

Re-Opening Plan

Communication about re-opening 29 April 2020

Vision [Clear end goal]


When it reopens, Gravity will have a mix of in-person and online clients and will have clear pathways for our two distinct clientele personas.


(1)  General Fitness, and;

(2)  Training  


We will also start to pursue our ‘health diversification’  with late 2020/early 2021 goals focusing on:

(1)  Hiring an RMT, and

(2)  Hiring a Physiotherapist in-house

[daytime offerings which are off-peak for our fitness related services]


Strategy [How do we achieve the goal]


1. Retain revenue by retaining members

2. Recover revenue by offering different services to current members (e.g. nutrition, RMT and Physiotherapy)

3. Grow revenue by attracting new members and establishing Personal Training 

4. Grow the business through these new revenue streams and bring people back to in-person training


Assumption: Restrictions on public meetings/groups expected.  All indications to date suggest this will likely be 10-12 people per fitness class.  Gravity caps at 12 for all classes (with exception of rowing, can be up to 20) so capping to 10-12 is aligned with our operational expectations - we are not a big box gym needing 28 people per class etc.

Assumption: Some enhanced cleaning protocols expected for foreseeable future.  Gravity has always exceeded recommendations so complying with recommendations ongoing is not of concern.


Tactics [Actions we will take]


(a)  Intensity of initial classes will be reduced as some members will not have trained to their level pre-closure.


(b)  Assume some of our clients will still need to do at least some of their workouts at home for the next few months,

       and set up a system to cater for that (i.e. LiveStream on premise classes as well as online Coaching).


(c)  Customize group programming via a consolidated schedule (due to some class pass/members not being able to

       continue with us).  This new schedule will comprise:

      - Formal training classes (Strength, Calisthenics, Kettle bells).  This will be for members only and will allow for

        people to train every day (6 days per week).

      - General fitness classes (Conditioning, Rowing, Mobility/Flexibility).  Class Pass and Members.

      - Other types of activity (e.g. Animal Flow/Flow Fit etc.) on hold until membership numbers are appropriate.

      - Monthly special event (Workshop/Clinic) - this is fundamental to our goal of educating clients to move correctly

        and helps put us on the map locally when we have recognized people leading specialist clinics (+ huge fun!).


      - Intro to [n] every 2 weeks.  Example, Introduction to Lifting.  Members and Class Pass holders can try something

        new (and bring a guest).

      - Dedicated youth classes (4.30-5.30pm).  Youth members may engage in independent training during open concept

        times with an adult member.  Unattended minors will not be permitted in the building at any time (mandatory

        stipulation of Insurance from 1 April 2020).

(d)  When public spaces reopen, start offering group workouts outdoors as soon as possible.


(e)  Introduce formal Induction process for prospective members (onboarding and build a connection). 

(f)  Marketing: Restart the process of attracting new customers using Affinity Marketing.  Significant outreach and

       marketing efforts undertaken (e.g. Fitness provider at Golden Spike/Canada Day) will not come to fruition.  Greater

       focus is required to redo groundwork to attract new clientele.


(g)  Marketing/Education: Establish a broader social media presence.  Follow those following on IG and actively engage

       with that community. Regular technical posts to show our training modalities and maturity (e.g. calisthenics

       progressions model etc.)


Fig 1.  Initial Draft, Re-Opening Schedule

Response Plan for Suspected COVID-19 Infection at Gravity

Self-Isolation Do's and Dont's

Contact Tracing Infographic