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Introduction to Handstands

Beginner Workshop: Sunday 26 March 2023, 9:30am.  

90 min. workshop - $45 + GST

Over the past 2 years, interest in, and the number of practitioners doing handstand has really taken off globally.  For those unaware, handstand practice builds strength, endurance, body awareness and control, balance, coordination and more.  See our blog article for just some of the health benefits of inversions! 

This is an opportunity to engage in a beginner friendly class to understand what the handstand is and experience why people do it.  We will then engage in some physical preparation/positional drills, conditioning exercises, strength movements and introduce some early balance exercises.  Don't worry, we use various props to support you and we take it slow!

These sessions are always fun as they represent a safe way to learn new skills!  



If you enjoy this introduction, you can sign up for our 6 week beginner program (1 session per week) and receive the full cost of this workshop discounted from that course!

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