Strength & Movement Coordinator

Ms Jenissa Flood, SFU Kinesiology

April to October 2020

Role profile:

"I came in primarily in search of relief for a sore right hip and a stiff neck. Samantha moved my leg this way and that. She did the same with my arms and my head, showing me how pushing into my hand was a more effective way to stretch my neck.  The movements appeared subtle and painless, but the gains were big. I felt immediate release in the hip and lower back and my shoulders didn’t feel like blocks of wood anymore.


A few hours later I realized that the dull, low grade headache I had been experiencing since Tuesday had subsided. Shoulder checks during driving were suddenly smooth. I hadn’t been prepared for this but I was absolutely ecstatic!

Thank you Samantha, I can’t wait for a full session now."

M.T. Gravity 'Performance' Member

8 November 2019 Inaugural Sessions

"Healthy skepticism summed up my mindset, but I was determined to give my initial FST session a fair go.  I have a left side tight QL issue and generally stiff hips due to lower mobility that I'd like - so asked Samantha to focus there.  Wasn't sure what to expect.  Calming, enjoyed the ongoing dialogue while various pushing, moving, pulling etc. was going on which led to subtle changes in the movements experienced . More gentle than I expected.  Skip to the end and off the table I pop.  Hips feel free and loose.  Samantha asked me to try a squat.  That led to the OMG moment.  No sharp pain from the left lower back and free and full range of motion.  Mind-blowing.  But now for the best bit, I've had physio on the QL issue and do mobility/flexibility work weekly (which all helps for sure), but the stiffness/pain typically returns within 24 hrs.  It's been a week since the session - pain/stiffness yet to return.  


To sum up, everyone should try this.  It's suitable for anyone, and it not just for those with injuries or problems, in the least its a replacement for a traditional massage at no extra cost but leveraging that kinesiology knowledge to generate longer lasting and more sophisticated benefits."

Darren Radford, Co-Founder, Gravity 

8 November 2019 Inaugural Sessions

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