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Sunday 21 November 2021
9:00 - 10:30am 

Why Rowing?


Rowing combines the benefits of strength and cardiorespiratory exercise to maximize your workout time. Strengthen your core, improve posture, build muscle and burn calories to improve body composition. And don't forget improving both cardio and respiratory function - there is no better training modality on the planet than rowing for that!


This weatherproof workout is non-weight bearing and perfect for anyone looking for a low-impact option (its great for knee strengthening rehab also!). Plus, if you don’t like the idea of working out alone, try a Studio Rowing group class and make your workout more exciting (ask us about our venue racing technology which is tremendous fun!)

For more about the benefits of rowing, read our blog post here





This workshop runs Sunday 21 November at 9:00am.  Can't make that day/time, ask us about alternative sessions you could attend. 


Serving as an introduction for those new to rowing (or those that have never been taught to row correctly) that want to experience the benefits first hand.  The session comprises technique, sequencing and posture drills through to various intervals on the rower and off rower mat strengthening work.  We'll engage in a fun event to conclude the workshop. 


By the end of the session, you will be getting comfortable with the technique and will have experienced how this activity can improve your cardio respiratory fitness and strength endurance!  You should also start to notice a difference in posture and joint mobility/reduced pain for those that experience such issues.

This session is $25+GST. Class sizes are strictly limited to 12 attendees to ensure we can provide adequate coaching attention. 


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