Healthy Morning

Nutrition & Health 


Position Statement

Fitness professionals not only can but SHOULD share evidence-based nutrition and health information with their clients.

Fitness professionals are on the front lines in helping people achieve healthier lifestyles.  In the current climate of an epidemic of obesity, poor nutrition, physical inactivity and a multi-billion dollar diet industry, a growing interest among the general public has arisen re improving eating habits and increasing physical activity.  Fitness professionals provide an essential service to their clients, the industry, and the community at large when they are able to offer credible, practical and relevant nutrition information to clients as part of their scope of practice.  At Gravity, our certified coaches are able to discuss:

  • Principles of healthy nutrition and food preparation

  • Food to be included in the balanced daily diet

  • Essential nutrients needed by the body

  • Functions of nutrients in the body

  • Effects of deficiencies or excesses of nutrients

  • How nutrient requirements vary through the lifecycle

  • Information about good sources of essential nutrients contained in food or supplements so that our clients are able to make smarter nutrition choices and get closer to achieving their goals while reducing the risk of chronic disease.

  • Strategies for making good healthy choices.

Our Food Philosophy

Gravity's Fitness Nutrition Specialists provide nutrition information and resources to clients in a myriad of circumstances, including, but not limited to:

  • Health conditions (e.g. obesity, cardiovascular disease, anemia)

  • Athletic pursuits

  • Fueling / hydrating before, during and after exercise

  • Weight management

  • Healthy eating/lifestyle changes

  • Nutrition for children, older adults, pregnant and lactating women 

  • Those following vegetarian or gluten-free diets

While we develop nutrition programs as a stand alone service, for those requiring an holistic approach to health, nutrition and fitness, we integrate those three components into a broader wellness program: 


Our Process

  1. Gather key information about your health, attitudes, fitness and nutrition habits 

  2. Collaborate with you to design an appropriate and achievable program

  3. Implement and utilize various tools

  4. Enable you to set goals and help you be accountable for making progress towards them

  5. Conduct regular Check-ins and adjustments as progress is made/change occurs

Why you need a Nutrition / Health Coach

The critical success factor for making a lifelong change is to navigate the various processes and stages of change and for you as the client to experience achieving benefits and removing barriers within your health, fitness and nutritional habits.  This is where a coach is invaluable.  To motivate you when you experience set backs where its easy to go back to less healthy behaviors, your coach will support you with a plan and can talk you through strategies and action to help you generate the will power to continue to turn perceived cons into pros and reinforce effective behaviors and accomplishments to keep you on track.