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OPTION 1 - Select a Gravity specific workout:


Steps: Click on the training icon

Search "Gravity @ Home"

There are a number of routines being added.  Gravity Groupings are:

Improve Performance - this is for those training/progressing

Rehabilitation - of those with injury or contains low impact exercises

Get Fit - A substitute for our regular strength building classes

Shape and Tone - more conditioning/cardio routines.

See below for Rowing

OPTION 2 - Create your Own Routine:

Steps: Click "Create Workout"

Scroll to bottom and click "Add Activity"

All activities are listed but to benefit from the Wizard feature-select either

"Muscles" or "Equipment"

If Muscles selected, chose the muscle group from the image or the heart 

for cardio-respiratory activities.

Example here, "abs" selected.  All ab exercises will be listed.  You can

further filter by "Equipment" menu i.e. no equipment, bands, weights etc.

Add an activity you want - you can determine how many sets and

whether the activity is time or reps based.  The Information icon top right

of screen provides full instructions of each exercise and clicking the image 

will animate the movement so you can determine correct form.  Create

your own workout by adding 6-10 exercises of 3 sets x 8-12 reps or 

30-60 seconds.

OPTION 3 - Chose from the Global Repository


On landing page of app I have enabled it so that you can see all workouts

added by the global community.  You will see additional categories such as:

Lose Weight

Build Muscle

Improve Well Being


Next to each of those headings you can "show all".  This will generate a near limitless list of routines.

I can limit the app to just Gravity created routines (which we would do longer term) but in an effort to spool up lots of options, I've set it to show these global routines.  Do let me know if you find them useful.  They may not be up to the same programming sophistication as our considered programming but they may be good enough for the immediate term.

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14 Week Training Plan Routines: 

4 Week Foundation Program: 

Technique Videos:

Concept2 Resources:

Workout of the day



I'd encourage you to use the Log Book and reach out to other Gravity Log Book users and invite them as a "training partner".  You can then do same routines and see each others log book entries to help motivate you to push!

Training from Home with Limited Equipment:

Chad Wesley-Smith Guide: