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Physiotherapy Services

The Health & Fitness Continuum of Care



At Gravity, we take an integrated approach to health and fitness.  From Physio, Functional Release, Rehab to Kinstretch, Functional Range Conditioning, Strength, Movement and Athletic Performance, its all under one roof!


Our registered Physiotherapist is an experts in providing advanced physiotherapy services that lead to optimal treatment outcomes.


Physiotherapy visits consists of assessment and development of a treatment plan. Your physiotherapist will discuss the diagnosis and offer treatment options. All of the treatments are one on one; and the treatment is tailored individually to each client, based on client’s goals and wishes.

If you are looking to join our Small Group Private Training or Physio Led 'classes' (i.e. not currently experiencing a dysfunction/injury, you will engage in a shorter assessment. 


Page under construction as we are integrating a Physiotherapy specific application and booking system - which will be ready by 3 August 2023.  Contact us here to book physiotherapy services 

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