Kettlebells: Mastering the swing

The Kettlebell Swing – Master the Movement

The kettlebell is common in today’s training landscape—with good cause. It’s a simple and incredibly effective method for building strength and endurance. The kettlebell swing—when done right—is an explosive hip hinge that is one of the foundational patterns of human movement.

It’s a suitable exercise for almost anyone—especially those looking to build lower body strength. Kettlebells don’t require expensive machines or designated facilities. You can use them anywhere indoors or out, allowing you to add some variety to your exercise program.

For trainers that have been training clients for some time, you most likely use kettlebells in your programming. But are you using them correctly? The kettlebell swing is a surprisingly intricate movement that includes various muscle groups and coordinated focus. As a fitness professional, your job is to get your clients moving safely and effectively.

The video here is delivered by Pete McCall, MS—a fitness expert and regular contributor to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Runner's World and Self—this 60-minute video training will teach you how to perfectly execute the kettlebell swing.


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