Massage Therapy /Sport Massage

Around the world, massage therapy is gaining momentum. The time-tested healing technique has stepped out of luxury spas and salons into clinics, hospitals, airports, and health clubs such as Gravity. Massage involves more than just applying pressure to specific parts of your body to ease stress. It involves a thorough knowledge of the human body to relieve deep-seated health disorders that manifest as aches and pains. Massage relaxes muscles, boosts blood circulation and eases tendons and connective tissue. There are many kinds of massages to boost health in various ways. Some of the more common ones are below:

● Sports Massage: Ideal for athletes and sports people, this massage helps in preventing injuries by increasing flexibility and treating injuries from worn out muscles. ● Deep Tissue Massage: This technique involves deep, slow strokes using more force to release tension in the deeper layers of connective tissue. A deep tissue massage helps in muscle recovery from injuries. ● Trigger Point Massage: Releases tension in tight muscle fibres usually formed after overuse from an active lifestyle involving sports, dance, etc. ● Swedish Massage: This is a gentler massage technique involving long, slow, circular strokes, kneading muscles to relax and rejuvenate from deep within.

Alternative Therapy to Traditional Medical Care

Massage works best as an alternative therapy supporting other forms of medical treatments. Here is a list of health disorders that can be dissipated through massage under certified experts:

● Relieves anxiety and depression ● Improves joint mobility ● Boosts blood circulation ● Improves lymphatic drainage ● Reduces digestive disorders such as acid reflux or constipation ● Treats fibromyalgia ● Reduces headaches from stress, sinus, and migraines ● Aids in sleep disorders ● Treats myofascial pain syndrome ● Eases connective tissue strains or muscle injuries ● Reduces aches, pains, and pulls from sports activities ● Helps temporomandibular joint pain

We're looking to bring the health/wellness benefits of massage to compliment the fitness offerings at Gravity. Know a Registered Massage Therapist that might be interested in kick starting a practice? Feel free to let us know.

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