The program consists of a cross training program tailored for the slopes and is lead by a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist/Personal Trainer, supported by a Kinesiologist and includes input from a local, Provincial level competitive Snowboarder. 


Whether you’re ready to slay the powder days or your time on the hill is spent crouched over little ones teaching them the ways of winter, correct cross-training will get you in the best condition to check off these goals and have you dominating the slopes this season.  Whether the run is green or black, Gravity can get you there.


During the course we will apply a periodized approach to meeting the biomechanical demands of Boarding/Skiing and will cover:

- Leg Training (Strength/Power and improved knee stability and hip conditioning)

- Core and Lower back (strengthening/improved stabilization)

- Balance (fall/injury prevention - use of plyometrics to also develop speed, agility and power)

- Upper body (Improved joint mobility, increased shoulder stability and wrist strength)

- Mobility and Flexibility (Correct and resilient function of joints and muscles; conditioning for tendons/ligaments)

12 Week Strength and Conditioning