Likely the most essenital equipment to provide assistance with key calitshenics skills (planche, levers etc.), core strength training (pullups, assisted dips etc.), stretching, or weight based resistence training. These were designed for you to customize the intensity of your workout. They are lightweight and convenient for travel. Perfect for the beginner or those more advanced in their progression and skill journey. Challenge your muscles and intensify your work out today. Each band adds a different amount of resistance or assistance. 


Select your band depending on your training level and program goals:


Red - provides 15-30 lbs of resistence or assistance as required. (1/2" wide x 4.5mm thick)

Black - 30-60 lbs. (3/4” wide x 4.5mm thick)

Purple - 40-80 lbs. (1.25” wide x 4.5mm)

Green - 60-120 lbs (1.75” wide x 4.5mm).

Resistance Band - Black