Concept 2 Affiliate Training Facility

Venue Racing (Monthly)

Class Description




Getting used to the Erg, set up, understanding the PM5 Monitor, and fundamental rowing techniques along with interval workouts 

55 minutes of interval training on the rowing machine alternating with intervals of calisthenics, weight and / or flexibility exercises

55 minutes of periodized rowing integrated with lifting to improve performance and / or compete.

Venue Racing 

Using the latest software and our projection system, we connect up to 20 rowers together each month and engage is various race formats for men, women, mixed and team events.  Come and engage as an individual, team or just come see the big screen and cheer on your cohort.  We have leader boards in the clubhouse and use the LiveRowing app and Concept2 integrated log book capabilities for training and progress tracking.

Tri-Cities Indoor Rowing Club is a Concept2 affiliate organization and we will send representatives to BC, national and international rowing championship for those more competitively inclined.

indoor rowing champs.png