Summer Youth Program

M-W-F 4.30-6pm

Commences Wednesday 3 June 2020 

Strength and conditioning centric training program for youth. 

Program runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 4.30pm and the expectation is that attendees will be able to consistently make at least 2 sessions per week.  Final session is Friday 21 August 2020.

The program is $525 +GST for the entire 3 months. Class sizes are strictly limited. 

Program Outline

The purpose of this program is to provide a structured strength and conditioing program for youth. 


Attendees will build strength and movement proficiency with calisthenics (body weigth training),  By the end of the program, attendees will be expected to do pull up and push up variations as well as hold a handstand.


Some sessions will focus on conditioning - circuit, kettlebells, rowing, sprinting, agillity drills and other proven activities.  Mobility and flexibility work will generally be addressed as part of a warm up/blood flow stage at the beginning of each session.


Parents will need to complete the two forms below prior to attending the program.  Registration link is below.

Consent & Liability Waiver

CSEP Questionnaire

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