Summer Camps

1 Week Camps: M-F 10:00am-1:30pm 
Camp 1: Monday 12 July
Camp 2: Monday 26 July
Camp 3: Monday 9 August
Camp 4: Monday 23 August 


Movement, strength and general fitness camps with an educational component for youth age 12-16 yrs

Each camp runs Monday to Friday from 10:00am.  The program comprises daily training and mobility sessions, lunch in the park and an education component whereby participants will learn essential principles so that they may safely create their own evidence-based summer training plan.


Training will comprise bodyweight and gymnastic based movements as well as introducing participants to formal weight training technique, mobility and flexibility training for prehabilitation purposes.  For weight training, emphasis is on correct form and technique in the main lifts and not loading the barbell.  All instructors have a Kinesiology background and certified trainers / strength coaches will oversee all programs.  We have two National level lifting coaches at Gravity that are accountable for the program - both are experienced with training youth from age 7 up.


A typical day will comprise 90 mins of training, lecture/educational component re basic anatomy, fitness theory and program design principles, a walk to Rocky Point park for lunch and a 30 minute rehab focused flexibility/mobility session to close.  Workouts are structured such that different muscle groups are trained on consecutive days (split routine) to avoid fatigue/overuse issues.


By the end of the program, participants will be able to demonstrate a significant improvement in movement competency and strength as well as be able to design their own training program for the summer.


The program is $225 + GST.  Class sizes are strictly limited.   

Parents will need to complete the form below prior to attending the program.  Returning participants are not required to complete the forms.  Registration link is below.

Consent & Liability Waiver

CSEP Questionnaire