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Welcome to the Gravity Virtual Classroom
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At Gravity everyone gets to play!

In addition to a full weight training offering, Gravity was established to make bodyweight training accessible for all, whether you're a complete beginner or further along your journey looking to learn a specific movement such as handstand or muscle up

Join us and master weight training or your own bodyweight

Engage in formal resistance (weight) training and/or get access to the best calisthenics resource available for anyone who wants to train bodyweight movements including levers, handstands, muscle ups and human flags!

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Group Virtual Membership includes:

- Unlimited LiveStream Access to Classes
- Access to thousands of customizable workouts via our

   Virtual Trainer (app)

- Access to pre-recorded routines, mobility & flexibility


- Downloadable resources to plan, design, monitor &

   optimize your remote training experience!


Online Personal Training Includes:

- Customized programming designed for your unique

   experience, abilities and goals

- Weekly checkups with your coach to discuss progress       and optimize your training

- Principles of Movement, Strength & Skills
- Periodized Resistance (Weight) Training Programs

- Fundamental Calisthenics Movements and Programs

- Skills Training Programs:

    -Muscle Up 

    -Human Flag


- Mobility/Flexibility Training

- Video Tutorials

- Technique Guides
- Access to the LiveStream Calisthenics classes 

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Lifting Weights
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What is


Calisthenics is a form of physical training focused on teaching you to master your own bodyweight using minimal equipment.

The word comes from the Greek, Kalli ('Beautiful') and Sthenos ('Strength’) and dates back to 600-400 BC when Spartan soldiers used it as their primary training method.


Gravity Laboratory was established to enable you practice the art and leverage the science of beautiful strength movements.

Whether you want to develop core strength and lean muscle mass, learn a new skill such as a front lever or human flag, or you want to explore the most natural form of physical training so you can do a workout anytime, anywhere, Gravity Laboratory has everything you need.


Calisthenics provides a total package. Body and mind working together - developing strength, power, mobility, flexibility, balance and stamina in a natural, joint-friendly manner.

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