Our Story

Passion with a purpose

Gravity is a passion project. 

Starting as a Lawyer, I gained an interest in business so engaged in a couple of Master's degrees to inform myself on some fundamentals.  Quickly progressed to senior management roles in various industries/countries, and the last decade I've been the Managing Director of a Management consulting firm.  I've authored two business books, the last being an international practice standard on enterprise Agile operating models.  Some pictures here of me in my corporate form :-).

But when tie and jacket are removed, the "lifstyle athlete" is awakened.  Provincial champion level in several pursuits most notably Field Hockey and Golf.  Got into triathlons when we moved to Canada as well as rowing in which I have competed and sat on the organizing committee of the 2017 National Rowing Championships/Canada Cup.  In my forties, I suffered my only but significant injury - meniscus and ACL.  Surgery and 9 months of intense rehab saw me back to 99.9%.  But that journey led me to take deep interest in the body, biomechanics, energy systems, injury management, mobility, muscular strength and more.  I love the science behind movement, strength and fitness.  Having educated myself and cross checked my knowledge with various professional bodies along the way (yes, more professional credentials), I started to notice a disconnect between correct form movement and local sport team coaching.  I also met an inordinate amount of people with injury and various health and general movement issues.  Accordingly a whole new perspective emerged. 


We opened this health and fitness facility in April 2019 to offer an alternative to the North American big box gym and the ubiquitous Bootcamp or HIIT Circuit offerings that promise lots but never deliver.  We wanted to offer a much better alternative to selectorized machines and row upon row of treadmills or elypticals.  Lots to say about those facilities but in short, ask yourself what high-end university or professional sport team facilities look like - its not that!  And for good reason.  Gravity brings a sophisticated and evidence-based approach to training, fitness and broader health factors.


Darren 1.jpg

Inversions with my daughter - as you do!

Gravity exists to help people - either due to injury or just being out of shape, in addition to perfomance athlete and team training.  Our goals include helping people believe in themselves again and building a community that helps and supports each other through various health and fitness journeys.  We also work with Physiotherapists, Fascial Stretch Therapists, Physiologists and more to help people get back on their feet following set backs.