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Introduction to

Wednesday March 13th 6pm

Suitable: New/Beginners and Intermediate

Program Outline

During this beginner friendly session you will experience a training pyramid that will cover mobilizations/activations, joint range of motion, preparation, conditioning and skill centric drills focusing on a tuck handstand.  Whilst we have a baselined format, regressions or progressions are available based on the individual - hence this is suitable for those curious about the strength and health benefits of handstands or those with some prior experience that would welcome a science-based tuck balance training session.

For more details of our Handstand syllabus - please see our dedicated site here:

For some enlightening information re the health and fitness benefits of hand balancing, see our post here

* various handstand programs and private coaching is available for those wanting to continue.

Intro to Handstand Workshop



Sunday 14 April 2024, 9:00 - 10:30AM

Valid for one week

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