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Want to experience the health and fitness benefits of handstands?  Not sure if you’re doing it right?

Curious, but never tried a handstand before but would love to?

Via private, semi-private, small group or period workshops, the goal of our handstand program is to introduce attendees to the health and fitness benefits of inversions and hand balancing.  You do not need to have any prior experience nor be a retired Cirque du Soleil performer!  It's fun and play based skill learning.


During the sessions we will break down the fundamental aspects of handstands through strength drills, joint preparation and alignment and full body activation in addition to learning how to develop the upper body strength, core strength and flexibility required to balance on our hands.  

For more details of our Handstand syllabus - please see our dedicated site here:

For some enlightening information re the health and fitness benefits of hand balancing, see our post here

* various day/time options are available.  Private and semi-private attendees have a fully tailored schedule.

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