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Lifting Weights

Private Training

Private and Semi Private Training

Private Training comprises a fully customized session and supporting program to meet all your health and fitness needs.  It comprises one-to-one access to a coaches/coaches which you arrange to suit your schedule.  Sessions can be in person, on-line or a combination of the two.

Semi-Private Training is simply shared between 2-4 people.  These are fun environments and this approach also serves to share the cost among more people.

Have employee benefits and want Physio led private or semi-private training sessions, we can do that!


One hour sessions not for you, ask about our 30 minute sessions, on-line and hybrid training options.

How to get started

Private Training is delivered on a subscription basis.  We confirm how many sessions per week you will attend and you are billed bi-weekly.  Missed a few sessions due to vacation or work? simply pause the subscription until accumulated "credits" are consumed.  

If you are new to Private Training or simply wanted to explore and see if it is right for you, then we recommend our On Ramp Program.

  • 8 Private 60 min. sessions with one or more coaches
  • Orientation to facility and training
  • Program design specific for your needs
  • Experience benefits within 8 sessions
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