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How to get started

Gravity is not your typical gym.  We offer high quality modalities, programs and coaches to enable you to explore movement and strength.  To prepare you for our unique classes, it is essentially that we lay solid foundations for success. 




Merge is simply the transition from On Ramp into regular classes or, for those just wanting classes, you can start your journey with our Merge package.


The first 30 days are critical for members and consistent attendance is key - especially if engaging in our more technical disciplines such as Calisthenics, Animal Flow or learning to Handstand.  Merge helps you gain momentum so you really get a hold of your program and what it has to offer.


The package comprises 12 sessions - two, one-to-one sessions where you can explore more deeply, and 10 classes where you can experience disciplines of interest to you.  We ask, and ideally, you can schedule and commit to 3 classes per week for your first 4 weeks. Commitment is the number one ingredient for progress/success and absolutely critical at the start of your journey.  After these 12 sessions, you can join our standard membership which provides unlimited class access.




2 Private and 10 Group Sessions

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