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Our high-energy, muscle driven group classes combine rowing intervals with floor-based strength training exercises for the ultimate All-in-One, low-impact, cardio enhancing, full-body strength and conditioning workout for all levels

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Proud Member of Rowing BC, we are the only official indoor rowing facility in BC!

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Intro to Rowing

Designed for those new to rowing, or those wanting to lose weight or build strength endurance.  All experience and fitness levels welcome!


join us for our 6 week 2x per week introduction program.  Get used to the rower (Erg), set up, understanding the PM5 Monitor, learn fundamental rowing techniques and engage in some interval workouts to experience rowing.  For this program, you will be able to choose from 2 workout tracks:

1. Weight Loss:  Did you know rowing burns considerably more calories per hour than Spin or other "cardio" focused classes/equipment.  Want to burn excess fat or tone, then join this program!  This track is also suitable for those looking to improve their "General Fitness".

2. Train-To-Train: Focus is more on "Strength Endurance" via correct form technique drills and intensity/volume of training required for that goal.  

In this program you will:

- Learn the correct form and technique.  Essentially, an introduction to human biomechanics but don't want to get too 'exercise science' centric here.  The important point is, this will enable you to get fitter/leaner quicker in a safe and sustainable manner.

- Understand how to set up and read the monitor to help you achieve your goals (and yes, it keeps you accountable).

- Understand intensity/ volume/ frequency variables so you can program correct cardiovascular workouts to achieve you unique goals.  Hint - boot camps are NOT the way to alter your body composition/lose weight!

- Understand the different type of workouts (long intervals, short intervals, variable length intervals, short rest intervals, long steady and general steady state etc.)

- For those interested, understand the 5 categories of rowing and/or heart rate training zones to achieve different health and fitness outcomes.


- Use the free tools to log and measure your improvement

- Experience a fun, no pressure race using our sports projection system

- Have [a lot] of fun! (rowing has great culture and community associated with it)

For those wanting to loose weight, in 6 weeks, 6-10lbs would be our recommended maximum (sensible, sustainable rate).  If you want to continue after the program, you can and we will introduce you to members that have lost say 30lbs using rowing.  We will, of course, encourage some very basic and simple practices for the kitchen...(hint, sugar is your major barrier to weight loss - let us explain and help you modify in a very pragmatic manner that still allows food favorites - we have some specialist nutrition coaches on staff FYI!) 

We are a Concept2 Training Facility - the gold

standard for indoor rowing and venue racing

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Rowing Technique

Let Alex Gregory, double Olympic Champion show you how its done in 3 minutes! 

Venue Racing 

Using the latest software and our projection system, we connect up to 20 rowers together each month and engage is various race formats for men, women, mixed and team events.  Come and engage as an individual, team or just come see the big screen and cheer on your cohort.  

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