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Movement Lab

Schedule to experience (30 minutes duration unless otherwise stated) 


All experience levels welcome to all sessions with the exception of Cross Training.  For that, we will demonstrate a very high-quality full body HIIT workout that would not be suitable for beginners.

500m rowing races using our sports projection technology available throughout the morning...

Movement Lab

4-week exploration of movement, mobility, and flexibility, drawing from a variety of science-supported disciplines and methodologies. 

4-weeks - Feb 29, Mar 7, Mar 14, Mar 21

Thursday evenings 8-9pm

This course requires no specific prior experience other than the motivation to improve your everyday movement patterns to enhance your life and the activities that you love to do. We welcome all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

Here’s a few terms that you’ll come across during this course that may be unfamiliar to some:


Somatic - ‘’soma’’ comes from a word meaning ‘’body’’ in Greek, so somatic means ‘’of the body’’. Generally referring to a focus on the body as opposed to the mind.

Best Value

4 Week Movement Lab



Exploration of movement, mobility, and flexibility, via science-supported disciplines and methods

Valid for one month

Mindfulness - focusing on the present moment, having conscious awareness of feelings, thoughts and sensations.


PNF - acronym for Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, PNF stretching is a stretching technique utilized to improve muscle elasticity and has been shown to have a positive effect on active and passive range of motions. 

FRC - acronym for Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®), which utilizes the latest advancements in scientific knowledge, combined with tried and tested training methods to increase one's active, useable ranges of motion by simultaneously improving articular mobility, strength/resilience, and neurological control.

Kinstretch - defined as a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and usable ranges of motion. Kinstretch is about giving you more movement options. That is more options to be efficient, fast, powerful, and most importantly safe. 

Animal Flow - Animal flow is a ground-based, bodyweight movement that combines elements of yoga, gymnastics, and locomotive movements to create a dynamic, bodyweight workout.

Quadrupedal Movement - movement using all four limbs. Sometimes called ‘’tabletop position’’ in yoga.


Here's what to expect during the 4-week course, which will be a dynamic and collaborative experience offering participants the opportunity to provide in-the-moment feedback to shape future sessions:

Week 1: Introduction to Movement



You will be introduced to the foundational concepts of movement, focusing on body awareness and the basics of functional movement.



Brief introduction to the course, explaining the significance of each modality we draw from (somatic exercises, mindfulness, PNF, FRC, Kinstretch, functional yoga, quadrupedal movement, Animal Flow, dance, gymnastics).


Mindfulness and meditation session to enhance body awareness.


Somatic exercises to begin exploring body movement and identifying personal areas of tightness and mobility limitations.


Basic principles of correct form and functional movement through gentle yoga poses and introductory Animal Flow movements.


Week 2: Enhancing Mobility and Flexibility



Dive deeper into mobility and flexibility techniques, emphasizing PNF, fascial stretching/myofascial release, FRC, and Kinstretch to start addressing pain, tightness, and dysfunction.



Recap of Week 1 and discussion on observations from participants about their bodies.

Introduction to PNF stretching techniques to improve flexibility.


FRC basics to expand joint health and mobility.


Kinstretch session focusing on controlled articular rotations and expanding range of motion.


Week 3: Functional Movement and Posture



Focus on integrating functional human locomotion patterns and posture into everyday movements to reduce dysfunction and enhance performance.



Brief review of key concepts from Weeks 1 and 2 with a focus on progress in mobility and flexibility.


Quadrupedal movement exercises to strengthen the body’s natural locomotion patterns.


Introduction to functional yoga poses aimed at correcting posture and alignment.


Group activity: Applying functional movement principles in simulated daily activities (e.g., sitting, bending, reaching).


Week 4: Synthesis and Exploration


Combine all learned techniques into a cohesive practice, allowing participants to explore movements, identify personal preferences, and set goals for continued practice.



Warm-up with mindfulness meditation focusing on body awareness.


Rotational stations where participants can experiment with somatic exercises, PNF, FRC, Kinstretch, functional yoga, quadrupedal movements, and elements of dance and gymnastics under guidance.


Personal exploration time where attendees work on individual movement sequences that incorporate their favorite techniques from the course.


Closing discussion on how to integrate these practices into daily life, resources for further learning, and setting personal mobility and movement goals.


Each session will include time for Q&A, allowing participants to discuss their experiences, challenges, and discoveries. Additionally, we will provide handouts or access to online resources for home practice to encourage ongoing engagement and improvement.


This outline aims to create a progressive, experiential learning environment where participants can safely explore and enhance their movement capabilities.

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