We offer a full range of programs for Youth (13-17) with the specific intention to combat the unfavorable statistics regarding children's health due to a lack of physical activity.


YOUTH (AGES 13-17)

The science is supportive of youth engaging in weight training, level 5+ calisthenics, and conditioning classes such as boxing and rowing.  We have shorter and lighter barbells for weighted training, configurable/lower bars and rings for calisthenics, tailorable equipment for

circuit and agility training, rope climbs,

SAQ (speed, agility, quickness) areas and

even a youth size tire to flip.  We can

configure our calisthenics park to facilitate

races and team based conditioning

circuits are configured in the gym or turf

areas.   We follow the Long-Term Athlete

Development (LTAD) model for our youth

athletes and again focus on all the elements of fitness to enable lifestyle or sports performance.

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