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Demystifying 'Powerlifting'


Strictly, Powerlifting is a form of competitive weightlifting that measure three tests of strength: the bench press, squat and deadlift.  At Gravity, we do engage in these exercises but its a small part of an overall strength and power building program.  We focus on activation and mobility drills, main compound lifts that provide a full body workout and 'accessory' exercises (e.g. biceps curls, triceps extensions, overhead pressing, rows etc.) that round out a complete strength program.  All of this, of course, will enable participants to bench press, squat and deadlift pain free, in good form (so good mobility required) and that will greatly enable full-body strength gains.  To be clear, you never need to put a huge amount of weight on a barbell and attempt to lift it - that is the competitive end of strict Powerlifting.  We primarily engage in the myriad of exercises and movements that will build tremendous full-body strength and functional mobility.



Tip Sheet: How to Deadlift

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