A systematic approach to strength, fitness and movement

We believe your training should prepare you for the challenges of your daily life; whether you are striving to be an athlete or to be able to play with your kids.  We offer an inclusive program designed around your individual needs.  Built around personal training in a group environment, our classes provide for personalized coaching and advice in every session.



1. Gravity is an independent fitness facility owned and operated by a Port Moody family that is creating a community of like-minded, healthy-lifestyle people.  


2. We focus on fitness - period - whereas other facilities focus on marketing and sales.


3. We deliver evidence-based health and fitness programs and results.  Free assessments (health and fitness factors) and periodic reassessment for members.

4. One studio, multiple offerings.  We have programs, areas and equipment to accommodate any health and fitness regimen.


5. We rely on the quality of our programs / coaches to keep you engaged and progressing.  Membership runs month to month and can be deferred to cover longer term absences.  Membership not for you? we offer pay-as-you-go class passes.


6. We are agile and member led.  Want to try a different activity, different  time etc. just ask.  Provide feedback and improvement ideas via our kanban board or advisory council.


How are we different?

Train like an athlete


We offer a whole range of classes, for all levels (beginner to elite) small group and personal training which cover all of the fundamentals of fitness in line with your goals. Whether you're looking for High Intensity Interval Training, wanting to build strength to help you with everyday life or sports performance, seeking the proven cardiovascular benefits of rowing, or some expert guidance in body weight training (calisthenics) or movement flow, we have something that's right for you.


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