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Open House

Saturday 4 November 2023

From 8.30am 

Your chance to experience Gravity and its massive variety of exercise classes / training programs and meet our Coaches, Personal Trainers, Physiotherapist and our amazing member community.

Activities to experience 4 November:

Opportunities to experience full classes or workshops:

  • Animal Flow (8.30am)

  • Acro Yoga (8.45am)

  • Handstand Program (9.30am)

  • Powerlifting (9.30am)

Flexibility to try throughout the morning:

  • Stick Mobility

  • Kinstretch/FRC

  • Calisthenics

  • Kettlebell 5 Min Challenge

  • Rowing Races 

  • Physio Led Small Group Training

Animal Flow.jpg

Animal Flow

8:30 am

Experience a unique and fun movement training discpline



Put down your phone and lift a friend.  Introduction to the fun discipline where functional (bodyweight) training meets Yoga


9:30 am

Full body strength training using weights.  Come experience a classic session culminating in a fun finisher.

Handstand Training


Did you know inversions yield tremendous health benefits?  Come experience this fun training.  No prior experience required, and you do not have to do a handstand in the session - movements will introduce you to the journey!

KB Open.jpg
Pilates Stretches


Stick Mobility

Kettlebell Challenge 

(5 min challenge)

Kinstretch & Mobility


500m Races

Dating back to 600BC, calisthenics is strength training by masterings one's own bodyweight as the primary resistance.  Joint friendly and fun.  Suitable for all.

Feel the benefits of leveraging the mobility stick to improve strength, mobility, flexibility and function.

Come and experience this kettlebell challenge.  We will warm and introduce you to the movement de jour. We will then try and get as many reps as possible in 5 mins.  Hint, you will feel the abs shred as you engage!

Leveraging optimal movements to increase mobility, flexibility and stability, experience the benefits in real time of one of our mobility/flexibility training offerings.

We connect our rowers to race technology projected to a screen and let the fun erupt!


Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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