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About Gravity Laboratory

Like variety and everything under one roof?  We're redefining the gym experience.  Whether you are striving to be a performance athlete, or simply want to play with your kids, we offer inclusive programs built around your needs.

Redefine your Possible!

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Personal Training

Meet The Team


Atena Ross

Atena is our Head of Weightlifting.  A competitive lifter, she is actively training to compete in Provincials 2022 and Nationals 2023.  She is currently studying towards here Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) qualification with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) – North America’s leading association. 


Atena has years of lifting experience to draw upon and brings a wonderful coaching style.  Atena is super passionate about lifting as you will see and experience.  She is keen to get you stronger and performing better!

Keegan Trinh

"Keegz" is our Head of Calisthenics and boasts over a decade of experience with calisthenics and gymnastic based movement.  Interested in learning to build strength, an impressive physique and skills while learning to master your own bodyweight using minimal equipment, Keegz is your proven starting point!

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John Cho

John is a highly disciplined calisthenics and trainer that also runs a world class mobility/flexibility training program at Gravity.  John is passionate about the use of simple wooden (gymnastic) rings to help improve body composition, build strength and health joint and muscular function.  He is a passionate teacher and loves to share his knowledge.  As such, you will find John leading our youth bodyweight training program and our Rings Fundamentals programs.  

Darren Radford

Darren is the Co-Founder of Gravity, ACE and NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, CSCS and Fitness Nutrition Specialist certified. 

Darren has competed at a national level in Field Hockey and Golf (UK) and has competed in Rowing and Triathlon in Canada.  Passionate about calisthenics, powerlifting, rowing, kettlebelling and is BC's first certified Stick Mobility Coach. 

Darren's philosophy is simple.  Move well.  Perform better!


Jessica Robinson

Jessie is a BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer specializing in strength and mobility training. Jessie has experience working as an athletic performance coach for high-level youth athletes as well as helpers many individual clients improve their overall health, resilience and fitness level. She has an extensive background in competitive figure skating and classical ballet which is what drove her passion for helping people learn move and perform better.


Her current certifications include, posture assessment and correction, muscle release therapy and sports nutrition. She is currently in the process of completing her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology.  

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Jesko Guiang

Jesko is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer.  Starting out as a professional hip-hop dancer for about 13 years preforming and competing around the world, Jesko then transitioned himself into becoming a boxer. After 2 years of full time boxing, having one fight and dropping over 20lbs in 2 months to make his weigh-in he then started to train in CrossFit. CrossFit has fuelled Jesko’s ability to overcome any mental obstacles he faces in his fitness journey.

After doing CrossFit for a year, Jesko fell in love with the art of Olympic Weightlifting. His main training modality has been Olympic Lifting ever since. Jesko’s mission is show people the importance of movement in day to day life and to teach people how to achieve their fitness goals while balancing a full time career.

Jess St John

Bio coming...


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