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Calisthenics is a form of physical training focused on teaching you to master your own bodyweight using minimal equipment.

The word comes from the Greek, Kalli ('Beautiful') and Sthenos ('Strength’) and dates back to 600-400 BC when Spartan soldiers used it as their primary training method.

Calisthenics training represents exercise in its most natural form and combines strength training and basic gymnastic movements that can be done anywhere.


Conceptually simple - which is part of its beauty - calisthenics has been tried and tested over millennia leaving no doubt that it delivers exceptional results in all facets; movement, strength, balance, coordination etc.  A toned, athletic physique is an inevitable and natural by product of focusing on what your body can do.


The great thing about progressive bodyweight training is that with consistent training at an appropriate intensity, the two come together. You get a box full of gravity defying movement skills and, an athletic physique.


To be successful in calisthenics you must learn to use the body as an integrated unit instead of individual and isolated muscles. This is good news as exposing yourself to exercises that require you to transfer force from hands, through trunk to feet (and vice versa) means a huge potential return when it comes to functional movement and robustness. Calisthenics will serve you well now, and into the latter years of your life.

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