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On Premise & Online Coaching

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Handstand, Strength & Flexibility Training Programs

Our Primary
Training Syllabus

Finding your Balance 

Straight Handstand

Beyond Straight

  • General Physical Preparedness

  • Kick up

  • Essential Strength Development

  • Technique

  • Alignment

  • Rebalancing

  • Flexibility

  • Tuck

  • Straddle

  • Diamond

  • Pike

  • Advanced Rebalancing

  • Shape Transitions


  • Specific Strength Development

  • Active Mobility

  • Low and High Press

Handstand Push Up


  • Specific Strength Development

  • Technique

  • Blocks, Parallettes, Canes and more


Program Components

Assessment & Goal Appraisal

3-12 Month Program Design with Step-by-Step templates

Detailed Technique and Drill Descriptions

Flexibility and Mobility Training

Demonstration Videos

Weekly Check-Ins

Articles and Other Useful Resources

Each program and training phase will define key goals targeted, prerequisites and optional training elements based on your practice preferences.

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