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We help you explore and expand your movement potential

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Tony B (64)

I joined Gravity in 2018 prior to opening.  I met the owners building out the studio and they explained their philosophy.  I signed up there and then.  Still current member.  I trust this says it all! 

Melanie T (57)

I suffered from chronic pain, constant tiredness and no energy.  After 3 months my pain had subsided due to improved mobility and I experienced increased vitality and energy.  Truly liberating. 

Mohamed E (39)

I lost over 40lbs, increased strength and mobility in less than a year with Coach Sam.  I also engage in various classes (you have to try Rowing) and most recently I've added Animal Flow to my regimen.

Janice K (49)

I've explored many things at Gravity and regularly attend Stick Mobility, Restorative Yoga, Calisthenics Skills.  I recently achieved my free standing handstand and am currently learning Press-to-Handstand

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