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Essential Strength/Flexibility for Handstands

Essential Strength & Flexibility for Handstands

Sunday 3 March 2024, 8:30a.m.  Suitable for all age and experience levels.


Suitable for all levels and those that aren't thinking of learning to handstand yet.  Of course, if you want to handstand, this is an essential workshop that focuses on the critical elements for success - strength & flexibility.


For this workshop, we're exploring some fundamental techniques directly targeted at improving:

- Joint Health

- Mobility

- Flexibility

- Strength

You can use this for daily functional movement/living and to alleviate various pain you may have, but its also essential for hand balancing.


Specifically, we will be focused on:

- Alignment, full body tension and bodyline drills

- Spine mobility and upper back strength

- Shoulder flexion and strength

Pike, middle split flexibility and your active compression


We will leverage some familiar techniques (PAILs/RAILs/C.A.R.S.) but also some PNF and EQIs (Which we will explain!).

There will be the opportunity (optional) to go upside for those interested.  Its not mandatory for this course, but fun if you want to try...


If you are experiencing tightness (pike, overhead pressing/movements), discomfort or even some pain around the hips, back, shoulders or arms, then this workshop will provide immediate benefit. All levels welcome as full guidance on performing the movements will be provided throughout. Please arrive a few mins early as we will start on time given the curriculum we are seeking to deliver

Strength/Mobility for Handstand



Essential strength, mobility and flexibility training

Valid for one week

Over the past 2 years, interest in, and the number of practitioners doing handstands has really taken off globally.  For those unaware, handstand practice builds strength, endurance, body awareness and control, balance, coordination and more.  See our blog article for just some of the health benefits of inversions!.  

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