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Animal Flow - What's in it for me?

By: Darren Radford and Ji Kim

Animal Flow is a type of exercise that combines ground-based movements and bodyweight exercises inspired by various animal (including the human animal!) functional movements. Here are some benefits of practicing Animal Flow:

  1. Full-body workout: Animal Flow engages multiple muscle groups throughout the body, providing a comprehensive and functional full-body workout. It targets muscles in the arms, shoulders, core, back, hips, and legs.

  2. Improved mobility and flexibility: Animal Flow incorporates a wide range of dynamic movements and stretches that help improve joint mobility and increase overall flexibility. It promotes fluid movement patterns and can help with mobility issues and stiffness.

  3. Core strength and stability: Many Animal Flow movements require a strong and stable core. The exercises engage the abdominal and back muscles, helping to develop core strength, stability, and endurance.

  4. Enhanced body control and coordination: Animal Flow exercises challenge your coordination, balance, and spatial awareness. The flowing and dynamic movements require focus and control, which can improve overall body coordination.

  5. Increased muscular endurance: Animal Flow incorporates movements that require sustained effort and muscular endurance. It helps to build stamina and endurance in various muscle groups, improving overall physical fitness.

  6. Functional movement patterns: Animal Flow exercises are designed to mimic natural movement patterns seen in animals, such as crawling, jumping, and rolling. These functional movements can translate to improved performance in daily activities and sports.

  7. Low-impact and joint-friendly: Animal Flow is a low-impact exercise that is gentle on the joints. It can be suitable for individuals with joint issues or those looking for a lower-impact workout option.

  8. Mind-body connection: The flowing nature of Animal Flow requires concentration and mindfulness. It encourages a connection between the mind and body, promoting body awareness and mindfulness during movement.

  9. Fun and creative workout: Animal Flow allows for creativity and self-expression in movement. It can be a fun and enjoyable way to exercise, keeping you engaged and motivated in your fitness routine.

  10. Adaptability and scalability: Animal Flow exercises can be modified and scaled to accommodate various fitness levels and abilities. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced exerciser, Animal Flow can be adjusted to challenge you appropriately.

As with any exercise program, it's essential to learn Animal Flow exercises from a qualified instructor to ensure proper form and technique. We are thrilled to have Ji Kim, a certified AF Instructor lead our sessions.


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