The Gravity Fitness Pyramid

You’re killing it in the gym, committed to getting in your workout 3-5x/week, and you saw great results right from the beginning, but now you’re stuck. Why? Let’s dig deeper into the Fitness Pyramid.

1. Nutrition

Nutrition fuels essential bodily functions/organs and physical activity (your “workout”). Achieving optimal health and weight management entails not only the appropriate physical activity but also a healthy and balanced nutritional intake – the “calories in” portion of the “calories in/out” equation.

If weight loss is your goal, you must be hypocaloric! (consume less than you burn). Tools like MyPlate (, Dietary Guidelines ( or Canada’s Food Guide ( can help provide a good understanding of macronutrients (Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat), micronutrients (vitamins – for physiological function and minerals – for growth, strength, regulation) and hydration in terms of good sources of nutrients, variety and amounts.

Every 5 years, a panel of experts (dietitians, doctors, public health etc.) update the North American Dietary Guidelines. You can download that guide here:

Some Key guidelines include:

1. Follow a Health Dietary Pattern Across every Life Stage – Keto, Atkins, other “diets” are a red flag!

2. Focus on Variety, Nutrient Density and Amount

3. Limit Foods and Beverages higher in Added Sugars, Saturated Fat and Sodium and Limit Alcohol Beverages

4. Learn How to Read Food Labels/Be Wary of Food Marketing

At Gravity, whilst our most visible services are Fitness related (Personal Training, Group Classes etc.) we do try and instill mindfulness about the trifecta of Training, Rest and Recovery and Nutrition.

Is Nutrition the only thing that matters? Absolutely not, but it’s the foundation for everything that happens in the facility when training. Which brings us to our next level…

2. Flexibility and Mobility

Flexibility and mobility are the key components to physically being able to do the things you want to do, from everyday things like bending to tie your shoes, riding a bike and dancing, to the more athletic sports training and participating in a triathlon. As a trainer, regardless of your training goals, I’d humbly suggest including flexibility and mobility training in your routine.